Doug & Roxanne Harthan own and operate Front 20 Outfitters, LLC a fly shop and guide service here in NW Minnesota. Our goal is to help people enjoy the many fly fishing opportunities we have in Minnesota. Stop into our fly shop or give us a call if we can help you. We conduct fly fishing classes throughout the summer to help people new to fly fishing get started on their adventures.

May 6th, 2021 was the 10th anniversary of the fly shop we opened on May 6, 2011, we opened our shop in a little back room space of approximately 80 square feet we had no retail experience and honestly, didn’t know anything about the fly fishing business either other than we loved doing it and wanted to do and learn more. We have grown over the years and continue to grow every year, we like to think of ourselves as the biggest little fly shop in Minnesota. The fly fishing fraternity in the region is a small but passionate group of people that we have truly enjoyed being a part of and working with and hopefully can continue to do so for many more years.