We are fortunate to have been able to take our love of fly fishing and build a business to share that passion with others, here at Front 20 Outfitters we offer a full-service fly shop, guided trips, and fly fishing classes to help folks get started. Fly fishing is a lifelong journey of learning and exploring our many wonderful waterways with a fly rod in hand. Come and share that experience with us.

Roxanne runs the day to day operations of the fly shop and occasionally does a little guiding. She loves fly fishing for any kind of fish and enjoys teaching others especially other ladies that would like to learn how to fly fish.

Doug loves fly fishing for anything that swims and has fished several different states across the Midwest and west for a variety of species, we mostly chase smallmouth in the summer from our location but go after many different species throughout the year as well. We love sharing our passion for fly fishing and teaching others how to do it.